Novak Djokovic-Rafael Nadal-Roger Federer

Young Flair Disrupts The Legendary Saga! Is This End of An Era?

Major Upset- as Dominic Thiem defeats Roger Federer to clinch the title.

ESports : The New Face Of Gaming

What is eSports? You may have heard the term ‘eSports’ being used in conversations frequently in the recent years....


Here’s the deal — I do not know a single person who has had long-term weight loss/weight management success by following a...
Sky diving adventure sport

The World’s Top 5 Skydiving Drop Points That Will Get Your Heart Racing

For all those adrenaline junkies out there looking for a fix, here are the world’s 5 greatest places to go skydiving: 1. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe Who...
MS Dhoni

Movie Dialogues That Describe Cricketers

I have picked out dialogues from Hollywood’s 100 favourite voted dialogues by The Hollywood Reporter to describe cricketers.

5 Ways Playing A Sport Can Boost Your Productivity

Have you ever been told that playing a sport a day can boost your productivity? Yes. It can! This was proven in a recent study...
Bought My First Geared Bicycle But How Do I Shift The Gears?

Bought my first geared bicycle but how do I shift the gears??

Four years ago, I bought my first geared bicycle. I was excited about going on my new ride but I was a bit overwhelmed...
David Conrad Fitness


Sometimes, even when we have good intentions, we may unknowingly be doing certain things that are preventing us from getting the kind...

What Makes Harsha Bhogle Such A Likeable Personality Among Cricket Fans?

With Harsha Bhogle, it is a rare case of getting the perfect ingredients to make a great cricket commentator, anchor and a writer. Cricket background:...

IPL 2018 – A Look At The Performances Of The Teams

This IPL version 2 after a decade was a new start with fresh auctions and 2 old teams returning. However, the results...

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