5 Ways Playing A Sport Can Boost Your Productivity


Have you ever been told that playing a sport a day can boost your productivity? Yes. It can!
This was proven in a recent study by The Social Issues Research Centre in the UK. The result of the study shows that sports play a major role in enhancing morale, improving one’s mood, motivating and boosting productivity especially in the work place.

A healthy body equals healthy mind. So, keeping yourself fit and active regularly ensures improved stamina, enhanced energy levels, and your overall wellbeing stays in a much better state. Not only the body benefits from playing a sport, the mind also does.

Playing a sport is something you need to include in your daily schedule, especially if you find that you are not as productive as you ought to be. There are several ways in which playing a sport can help boost your productivity. Five of such ways are explained below:

1. Alertness and Energy

Alertness and energy are both important in ensuring productivity. Playing a sport helps in making you alert and energized as it helps increase blood flow to the brain which in turn sharpens an individual’s alertness. It also builds your muscular strength, enhances perseverance, such that you get the right amount of energy you need to think clearer and create exceptional ideas.

2. Improves Mental Health

When you play a sport a day, your brain tends to remember things faster and easier when your body is active. An improved mental health is indeed a sure way to boost your productivity.

3. Enhances physical well-being

One sure way to ensure that your body is active is by playing a sport. It prevents you from feeling sick, sheds body weight and improves your immune level such that you feel better, work better and become more productive.

4. Improves sleep

Playing a sport improves sleep in three major ways: falling asleep easier and faster, sleeping deeply and not waking up unnecessarily during the night. Good sleep is no doubt important for productivity as sleep is the major way through which our brain and body rests from all forms of activities.

5. Improved focus

Focus, generally means the ability to concentrate. Playing a sport involves some sort of learning which tends to improve focus. A good example of a sport that best explains this is basketball. You require maximum focus when throwing a ball into a basketball net.

If you are the type that engages in sporting activities, especially constant exercise, you know there are numerous benefits other than staying in shape or weight loss. Exercise plays a greater role by helping to improve all aspects of your life, work productivity inclusive.

You need to be productive and alert at work so you can get jobs done faster; which, ultimately will earn you a promotion. Your health and job may be at risk if you do not play a sport at least once a day!

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So, what else are you waiting for? Go play a sport today and save your LIFE and JOB.

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