10 Highest Paid Teenagers In World Football.

With an updated report as per the 2019/20 season here is a list of the 10 highest paid teenagers in world football.

Premier League Week 1: Which Club Had The Best Transfer Window?

Altogether, 27 goals were scored in the 10 games played. Let's look back at the performance by the clubs over the weekend and analyze which clubs were right on their money with their transfer choices and which clubs failed to produce miserably.
Football Styles From Around The World

It’s A Different Ball Game All Together! – Football Styles From...

As FIFA 2018 buzzes around the corner, all the latest sports news channels are debating on the strategies of various teams. Who will be...

The Tale Of Portugal’s Growth As a Footballing Power!

A country that was forbidden by the cruel and dictatorial rule of Antonio Salazar through generations which plagued the footballing talent in the past, to becoming the powerhouse of European football in the 21st Century, the fruition tale of the Seleção is something that every soccer fan must be aware of.

From a Prodigal Son at Spurs To a Melancholy Departure at...

How did it all go sour for a £650,000 per week earning footballer who still has three more years left according to his contract in Spain? Here is a look at Bale's journey at Madrid, from his heroics to his downfall and the reason why ZiZu openly says- "If he can go tomorrow, it would be better".

Eyes on Silverware for Tottenham

Tottenham are going through a great phase in their history where their dominance is clear to everyone but for all the good work, Pochettino has failed to deliver silverware so far. Can he break the duck this year given Tottenham's excellent business window?

Premier League 2018/19- Top 5 Young Players Of The Season.

We have chosen who we believe were the best wonderkids in England’s top division this season. Let's take a look at the top five exciting Premier league talents, all of them aged 22 or under.

Where Does Antoine Griezmann Fit in at Barcelona?

Antoine Greizmann finally got his move away from Atletico and Barcelona have acquired a sensational player. But with too many forwards already in the team, we look at how he will fit in.

3 reasons why Brazil are better off without Neymar in the...

Brazilian superstar Neymar was ruled out of this summer’s Copa America with an ankle injury earlier this month. The...
David Silva

Top 5 Spanish Players in the English Premier League

The Premier League has always been gifted with talented foreign footballers, but the charisma of the Spaniards that has enthralled fans for years. There has been no shortage of exciting footballers arising from Spanish territory and the English football enriched with the traits of Spaniards who influenced almost every area of the pitch. Now, we have scaled-down the whole lot into top five Spanish Footballers in the Premier League history.