Enjoy The Journey

Fitness - Enjoy the Journey

I had a conversation with a friend a while back that stuck with me.

My friend had previously been in very good shape but stopped exercising and put on a considerable amount of weight.

He was feeling discouraged and couldn’t believe he let himself go. The thought of all the hard work required to get back to where he used to be was enough to bring on an instant headache.

In one of those moments—where, while giving someone else advice, we wind up opening our own eyes—I said, “Enjoy the journey.” I went on to tell him not to focus on the way he used to look, but rather how much enjoyment he used to feel with each improvement he made.

It’s essential to set a goal, but nobody said we can’t enjoy the path we take to get there.

Many see healthy eating and exercise as self-induced punishments they endure strictly to look the way they want to.

I challenge you to approach self-betterment from a different perspective.

Have you ever noticed that the excitement and anticipation leading up to a vacation is almost as enjoyable as the vacation itself?

Why does fitness need to be any different?

Take time to be proud of yourself for every improvement you make.

I encourage you to smile when you see your progress in the mirror, to appreciate how much more energy you begin to have, and to rejoice in the fact that you are significantly reducing your risk of heart disease and cancer.

That belly fat will melt away, but don’t forget to celebrate all the little wins along the way!

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