How Is Sachin Tendulkar Different From Any Other Cricketer?

Sachin Tendulkar

A lot can be written about Sachin Tendulkar and how he is different from others- his natural talent, his stroke play, his longevity or his humbleness. But I would like to focus on just one particular aspect which I will come to later. First-

You must have observed this:

A batsman hits a straight drive:

Sachin - Straight Drive

The bowler fields the ball off his own bowling in the follow-through:

Bowler fields the ball off his own bowling

And now we all know what happens next:

The angry fast bowler gets all aggressive, threatening to throw the ball towards the batsman/stumps.

Some times he even throws the ball and it actually hits the batsman who gets all riled up. The bowler realizes his folly and apologizes. (Hayden and Jones is a famous incident that comes to mind)

Hayden - Jones


Now the Sachin Tendulkar difference:

I have been watching cricket for 29 years now and I have seen the entire 24-year career of Sachin Tendulkar. I have never seen anyone handle this situation the way Sachin Tendulkar did it so effectively.

(I did not find an exact picture or video of this incident with Sachin Tendulkar. If any of you come across one, please let me know)

What he does is he simply puts his hand up, head down and does not even look at the bowler. Something like this:


It is almost like calming or taming a wild, agitated animal who is coming at you aggressively.

It seems to have an amazing calming effect where the bowler suddenly cools down.

I have never seen a bowler throw the ball towards him after that.

Even now when I see the same cycle repeating, I wonder why other batsmen did not learn from him but instead have to duck or weave away and take evasive action from the incoming throw which is mostly needless.

Perhaps it was his power that had the instant effect on even the most aggressive of bowlers while he did not even look, knowing that the bowler won’t throw.

It was that presence, that aura, that quality of self-assuredness which he exuded.

That’s what was different about Sachin Tendulkar.


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