It’s A Different Ball Game All Together! – Football Styles From Around The World

Football Styles From Around The World

As FIFA 2018 buzzes around the corner, all the latest sports news channels are debating on the strategies of various teams. Who will be stronger on the pitch and who will deflect danger? Which country plays what style? Find out the different football styles from around the world below:

British: Quick, to the point and strong attackers, the players follow a simple no-nonsense, strong focused approach. They usually bypass the midfielders but also tend to have many crosses across from the pitch.

Spanish: The Spaniards prefer what they call as the Tiki-Taka, requiring highly intelligent and technically strong players. They go for dribble and short passes, making it difficult for the opponent to tackle. This strategy has helped Barcelona win more than 10 trophies.

Brasil: Joga Bonita or the happy carefree way of playing football was named after the term invented (Joga Bonita) by the very famous, Pele. An attack oriented method for quick, short and free passing, this method required a strong pace and high technical ability. Currently Neymar carries forward this style.

Italy: The Italians are cautious, skillful and yet crafty participants. Their forwards hold the attacker’s mentality and tend to make unanticipated diagonal runs. Their defenders flood the sides and tend to slow down the tempo of the opponent team and the whole game in general

Continental: Originally used in Netherlands, this style includes creative attacks and composed team communication. The members keep on switching positions to accommodate this style of football. Very defensive style of playing, eventually adopted by most of the team, naming it continental

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