From Miz to Lesnar – 8 Most Hated WWE World Champions Of All Time


Over the years, WWE has produced a number of world champion wrestlers but the fans haven’t accepted all of them as deserving title holder. There have always been champions we have loved to hate. Few for winning the title with unfair means and few for their arrogance or narcissism. From The Miz to Brock Lesnar, XploreSports lists out the most hated WWE Champions of all time.

#8 The Miz

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The Miz with his WWE Championship Title

Back in 2011 when Miz became the World Champion and retained it with interference and gimmicks on most main events, fans never accepted him as a champion. He was just a cocky narcissist with irritating mic skill shouting out his dramatic catchphrase, “I’m The Miz and I’m awesome“. He currently performs in WWE RAW and is one of the WWE Championship wrestlers of all time.

#7 JBL – The Most Hated WWE Universal Champion

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JBL With His World Championship Belt

John Bradshaw Layfield was the greatest heel in World Wrestling Entertainment. Undoubtedly the most hated superstar WWE has ever had. The greatest world champion in the history of Smackdown, who ruled for almost a year with the title since he won the championship controversially. When he first dethroned Eddie Guerrero to win the WWE Championship belt it resulted in audiences completely abandoning SmackDown in 2004. Fans loved his attitude and entry in a Limo, but what made him the most hated WWE Champion was his unfair means to win and retain it. A heel among the fans who never accepted him as a champion and was greatly booed back during his days.

#6 Sasha Banks

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Sasha Banks With Her Women’s Championship Title

Sasha Banks has all the natural qualities to be a perfect heel as a WWE women’s champion. She has been someone who the fans have loved to hate. She was the only member of the Four Horsewomen who played the role of a villain and her long due rivalry with Friend-turned-Foe Bayley made her the most hated WWE diva.

#5 Triple H- The Game

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Triple H with WWE title on his waist

In Pro-Wrestling context Triple H was every version of a hated champion. He is one of the legendary WWE superstars of all time but ‘The Hunter‘ was both a heel and a face. Fans genuinely displayed hatred towards him after he back-stabbed his fellow Evolution teammate, Randy Orton as he stole the World Championship from him using tactics and unfair means.

#4 Jinder Mahal- The Most Hated Indian Superstar

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Jinder Mahal With The WWE Championship Title

WWE accidentally restored some prestige to the Championship Title in 2017 by awarding it to somebody so undeserving that fans almost unanimously separated the title from the man until it was back around the waist of a worthy contender. Jinder Mahal, however, won the title with fair means but used all the unfair tactics to retain the title and that was enough for the fans to hate him.

#3 Randy Orton- The Viper

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Randy Orton With 2 WWE Titles

Randy Orton became the youngest WWE champion in 2004 and since then has become a true establishment guy in WWE. 15 years on the WWE main event rooster, he has been both a face and a heel among the fans. Orton owes Triple H a lot for the success of his career but then the friends turned foe have both been booed by the fans for their unfair means to grab the title.

#2 Roman Reigns

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Roman Reigns With His Title On WWE RAW

Since breaking out as a singles superstar there have been several instances when Roman Reigns has been booed by the fans. Fans still spout venom at Reigns whenever they get a chance. In the past when he has been crowned as the WWE Champion, fans have mercilessly labelled him as the biggest heel in WWE history. The hate he receives is not for anything he has done, but for the situations, he has been put in. That’s why there is a disconnect between him and the fans and is the most hated World Champion of all time.

#1 Brock Lesnar- The Beast

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Brocke Lesnar with The Universal Championship Title

Ever since his debut in 2002, Brock Lesnar has been the most decorated superstar in pro-wrestling. Lesnar has destroyed superstars like The Undertaker, Goldberg, Shawn Michaels etc. Fans love to see Lesnar break the streak and clinch the championship but what they hate him is for his part-time stints since his return in 2012 after a successful UFC career. He never seems to care about the title he holds on his shoulder and fans find it as a sign of disrespect to WWE. He hardly shows up to give his fans a sneak peek of entertainment but still remains the most valued superstar in WWE history.

After all, Lesnar is a Businessman and money is the only motivating factor for him which disappoints his fans at times. The situation in which WWE decides to bring in Brock Lesnar makes him the most hated heel in the current era.

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